“ Good Wine is made first in the vineyard ”

4 seasons and 24 month (Domaine AF-GROS Site)

Technique of wine-making

Wine-making : cold maceration 4 to 5 days with the solution, morning and evening. Limited temperature maxi 34°. The temperature has to be at a certain degree. Devatting 4-5 days after the alcoholic fermentation. Only half of the sugar is fermented – this is pumped-over twice a day.
Then traditional pumping of the cap twice a day. Pressing by pneumatic press.

Maturing : All are in new barrels with a proportion of 50 % of new barrels.
Various suppliers used in order to blend the different flavours.
The fruits are studied so that the best flavours of fruits are brought out.

The first choice is given to typical barrels from “Bertomieu” also complemented by barrels from “Rousseau”.